Born from the wild reaches of BC’s Slocan Valley, where she was raised on unceded and occupied Sinixt territory, Bubzee limns the otherworldly with vivid linework and bold, flowing graphics. Her imagery finds its way onto countless surfaces, from public murals and wheatpaste street art to prints, textiles, paintings, and drawings. Embracing her identity as an outsider artist, she channels her journey of self-exploration and profound connection to the earth, its beings, and spirits into her powerful yet delicate style. Through her art, visions of femininity, magic, and sacredness intertwine like apparitions, inviting viewers into a realm of enchantment and introspection.

Bubzee, a queer artist of Northern European descent, has seen her practice blossom from its beginnings in printmaking and street art to a career tattooing her intricate pieces and creating paintings that incorporate collage, found objects and plant materials. In her work, patterns emerge fluidly from the natural world and its inhabitants mingle with mysterious figures’ flowing hair and eloquent faces. Compositions incorporating the symmetry and symbols of paganism and witchcraft appear miragelike. Ancestral archetypes often emerge in Bubzee’s intuitively charged work, amidst leaves, petals and other living things. These figures of wisdom and strength link past and present, evoking the cyclical nature of our universe and the beings that inhabit it.

Largely self-taught in her craft, Bubzee’s main inspirations are her community of fellow artists, who form a network of support and learning through collective skill-sharing. A frequent traveler, her itinerant lifestyle has connected her with artistic kin and long-term synergistic relationships. Her collaboratively-developed projects encompass drawings, collage, paintings, and portrait photographs, as well as public murals painted in  Winnipeg, Vancouver, and communities along BC’s coast.