if you are wanting to book a tattoo

if not please just scrole down.


APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2020 on Sinixt territory (Slocan Valley BC Canada)

if my tattoo books are currently ‘closed’ please wait until there are ‘OPEN’ to send a request. any tattoo requests sent during a ‘CLOSED' period will not be responded to. 


  • Requires $100 deposit (e-tranfer or pay pal to

  • deposits are not refundable if appointment is cancelled by the client, I will refund you in full if I cancel our date.

  • $160 per hour

  • I only tattoo my own art work, only do black work (little red), open to working with peoples ideas/stories.

  • Flash Designs are only tattooed once, artwork maybe used in other forms of my artistic practice (flash designs are pre drawn designs to be tattooed).

  • Free Hand designs means that they are drawn right onto the skin with a sharpy pen sometimes not, details being added as the tattoo is in progress, this form of tattooing requires your full trust in the process. ( please write ‘free hand’ in form if you are open to getting tattooed this way)

  • Cover up/ blast over requests please send a photo

  • I will not tattoo someone if they are hung over, pregnant, or sick.

  • Please do not bring your dog

  • Please take the time to explain in detail what you would like your piece of art work to be tattooed and attach any reference photos, if there is a tattoo i’ve already done, or piece of art work that has inspired you to get a tattoo from me please attach those pictures.

  • .include the size & placement on the body

  • prefered date

please let me know if you have any questions about my process in my tattoo practice. . thank you for your time and inquires to work together. succeccful applicants will receive an email within 2 weeks of submission (if your wanting a flash design, they will be made available to you)

take care


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